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Hey, I'm Colin. I'm on a journey to reclaim all the parts of myself that got shoved aside, forgotten, or pushed down, and make peace with them. Sometimes it's like wrangling a bunch of pissed-off, scared, wild animals. But man, let me tell you, it's one hell of an adventure! And it's worth every bit of sweat and struggle.My ride-or-die partner is the one who holds up the mirror, showing me my darkest shadows and patterns. And I do the same for her. And now, after 15 years, we're both conscious of our scars, gentle with each other's triggers, and mindful about how we navigate it all. We've picked up some tools along the way, learned to turn our fear and pain into something deeper – connection, trust, passion, resilience.The key to unlocking this whole journey? Emotional capacity. It's about being able to sit with your feelings, not running from them or shutting down or getting defensive when they get too heavy. That's where the real work happens.I help folks build that kind of capacity. It's like hitting the gym, but for your heart and mind. We gotta practice, gotta train.Emotional capacity? You can also call it somatic capacity, or embodiment. Because we're not just thinking creatures, we feel our experiences. When you work with me, I'll help you tune into those sensations, feel 'em fully and freely.And here's the kicker: when you reconnect with yourself, you connect deeper with everything and everyone around you. It's not just about you, it's about living more fully and being truly present for the people you care for and support.I've got a toolbox full of tricks to help you expand your capacity. Plus, I'll be there, grounded, holding space for all those big emotions, and holding you accountable to keep doing the work. Sometimes, just being seen, heard, and accepted – that's where magic can happen. And sometimes you really need a professional to hold you accountable and keep you consistent in honing your self-inquiry and self-improvement skills.This work has changed my life. And if you're here reading this, chances are, it will change yours too. Dive into what I offer below.

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somatic experiencing & space holding

The word "coaching" usually implies a goal oriented approach, which is great when you have a very specific goal you want to achieve (see below). But sometimes a non-linear process is what the body yearns for. Someone to hold a firm and loving container for you to let loose in. A solid rock for your stormy ocean to crash into. Someone who can offer a grounded presence so you can find safety when you need it.If this sounds like what you're looking for, see below about how to book a session with me.


When someone comes to me for coaching, it's usually because there's something they think they want, but they can't seem to get it. In my experience there are two possible reasons I can't get what I want:1. I don't actually want what I think I want (or some part of me enjoys not getting it).2. My nervous system doesn't have the capacity to fully experience and metabolize the sensations I would feel if I did get what I want.Both the source of, and the remedies for, the above two predicaments have a lot of overlap. It all comes down to my relationship with my body – my ability to be present with my body's experience, and my capacity for feeling emotional sensation.By listening to, and being present with my body, I am actively building a stronger, more collaborative, and trusting relationship with myself. Relating to my body in this way not only expands my capacity for sensation – and therefore my capacity for ALIVENESS – it also provides a direct window into my subconscious, and this allows me to connect with my intuition, my authentic desires, my gifts, and my purpose.When you work with me, I'll show you how to relate to yourself using this process, which I call Somatic Self-Inquiry.You will discover that I'm not interested in figuring out WHY you are the way you are. Your ego's stories about your life are only important to the degree that they distract you from your present moment experience. There are far too many factors to untangle – over-culture, local culture, family culture, generational trauma, unremembered life events, etc... So constructing an intellectual understanding of my life's arc, especially my early childhood is, at best, an egoic occupation comparable to working on a million-piece puzzle with one third of the pieces missing... and at worst, it serves to further entrench me in a sense of frustrating and resentful victimhood (blaming something external for my problems), and encourages me to over-identify with potentially false narratives about my past.Instead, my approach is mercifully simple. Drop the stories. Skip the psychoanalysis. And just BE with what I am feeling... right... NOW. This is Somatic Self-Inquiry. It leads to powerful breakthroughs, and radical embodiment. It has been my foundation for becoming a better man, and has filled me with life-force – a depth of feeling and a sense of wonder that I didn't think was possible in my adult life. With these tools and daily practices I continue to strengthen my relationship with myself and with everyone around me, aligning more and more with my intuition, my gifts, and my path.I can help you do the same.

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If you would like to work with me, please click below to begin the application process. Please put some time and thought into answering the application questions. I am selective about who I work with. Your answers will help me understand whether we might be a good fit or not.If I decide to work with you, I will send you an invite to schedule a session on my calendar. You'll be able to choose between a 60 minute ($180) or 90 minute ($240) session. My payment system is integrated with my scheduling app, so you will pay the fee prior to the session.For my one-on-one clients I do not require any commitments or contracts, or sell any coaching "packages." We work together as long as it continues to make sense for both of us, one session at a time.If you're in a relationship and you're interested in a coaching package, please check out my couples coaching page, which has a separate application form and different terms.Cheers!

relationship coaching for couples (virtual)

No shame, no blame.
No victims, no villains.
No cop-outs, no drop outs.
The purpose is growth, the benefit is love.
I create my life.
These 5 tenets are the recipe for a thriving relationship and a life well lived. If you and your partner choose to work with me, you will learn their meaning, and you will learn to embody this radical approach to living and loving.I am a certified UPLVL CommunicationTM coach. UPLVL is a paradigm shifting language & communication framework that will change the way you see yourself and relate to all the people in your life.You'll learn how to feel, express, and discharge your resentments and unfelt emotions to your partner in a way that actually builds connection and intimacy, rather than eroding it.You'll learn how to identify your triggers, and process them in a way that allows you to shift your patterns and therefore change your life.The UPLVL framework was created by Kenya K Stevens and her husband Carl (aka Rakim). If you want to learn more, check out their book here. Kenya is a world renowned relationship master, and she specializes in polyamory and "divorce-proofing marriages."
(Note: Even though I am not polyamorous, the UPLVL system has been invaluable to the health of my relationship with my partner, and it is equally applicable to monogamous couples.)
UPLVL plays a central role in my couples coaching offering, but it is bolstered by several other disciplines, practices, ideological and therapeutic frameworks – including Authentic Relating, and Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent – all of which are underpinned by my somatic (body-based) approach.I offer a 6-month couples coaching package that starts with a process I call somatic self-inquiry, then moves into the UPLVL system, and ends with incorporating your new communication and container-setting skills into your intimate life, giving you the opportunity to revitalize/reinvent your sex life. If you still want more guidance after the initial 6 months, you will have the option to renew for another 3-6 months with me.The initial 6-month package costs $7,200.
This includes a total of twenty 90 minute zoom calls, as well as limited in-between support via Telegram or WhatsApp. Most of our calls will be all together, the three of us, but often I will devote at least one private session with each of you.
Please click below to fill out the application form. After reviewing your application, if I think we would be a good fit, I'll reach out to schedule a free discovery call. I do not sell, upsell, or convert people on my discovery calls. There won't be any urgency or scarcity marketing tactics to "seal the deal." The call allows us to get to know each other and decide whether we all feel good about moving forward and working together. After the call you'll have all the time you want to make your decision.

what is somatic experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing (SE) changed my life. SE is a therapeutic modality which asks us to feel our body's sensations.EMOTIONS = SENSATIONSMost of us recognize that our most intense emotions are associated with physical sensations in our body. Think of the sinking feeling in your gut when you experience grief and loss, or when you realize you've made a huge mistake. Think of the heat you feel in your cheeks, or behind your ears, when you experience rage. Or the butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous/excited.But what about the more subtle emotions? What does it feel like when you recall a pleasant memory from childhood? How does it feel when your spouse is upset with you and you become defensive? How would you describe the sensation of defensiveness? Where do you feel it in your body?When we develop our ability to feel these emotional sensations (it takes consistent practice), it becomes a window into our subconscious, because our body literally is our subconscious. The sensations we experience tell us how our body is relating to the world around us, and how it responds to our own internal thought patterns and beliefs. This has helped me shift so many unconscious patterns of tension and bracing in my everyday interactions, which has brought me more ease, energy, and joy.The SE modality is the foundation of my coaching practice, and I am currently completing the 3-year Practitioner certification offered by the Somatic Experiencing Institute, founded by Peter Levine.